From seed to sale, we’re there.


The Blue Diamond Farming Company is a full-service farming operation. We do our own planning for the seasons ahead, we put it in the ground and tend to it as it grows, and we harvest and sell our grain at the end of the year. In addition to raising our own crops, we also offer custom planting, spraying, harvesting, and land management services. If you have farmland and are in need of excellent agricultural services for your property, we’ve got a crew of eager farmers here who would love to help you out! To find out more about lease arrangements, email Ben at



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Every spring, the crew at BDFC begins arriving at work a little bit earlier in the morning and leaving a little bit later at night. With lots of careful, thoughtful planning, dedicated and hardworking team members, and some help from Mother Nature, we get all of our crops in the ground for the season using an elite fleet of the latest model tractors, planters, and drills.





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Once the craziness of spring planting has ended, the heat and long days of summer set in. BDFC has several sprayers on the farm that run all summer long to keep our crops and the fields we custom spray pristine. We also hire planes and helicopters for late-season applications. Crops are scouted regularly to check their progress and to make prescriptive recommendations.





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Harvest is a crazy but wonderful time. Every day is new busiest day ever, and we love every minute of it. We run several combines that are continuously serviced by a fleet of grain carts, who in turn deliver grain to semis waiting to take the freshly harvested bushels to their final destination. We deliver our grain to numerous locations around the midwest, as well as store corn and beans at our grain facilities.





Winter edit finalRelatively speaking, winter is the calmest season on the farm. We use the wintertime to reflect on the year and find ways to improve for the next crop. Our crew works on jobs inside the warm shop at the home farm, building new equipment and repairing and tending to current pieces of machinery. It’s also the time of year we complete our bookwork and spend a little more time with our families. But of course, winter is only the calm in the eye of the storm of the farming year, and spring is always just around the corner.