DTN/Progressive Farmer

DTN Marketspace Customer Profile

Ben Riensche | Jesup, Iowa

DTN/Progressive Farmer
March 2010

The first Riensches came to America from Germany in the mid-1800s, settling near Jesup, Iowa. Some of their original land makes up the property that Ben Riensche farms today with his father — growing corn and soybeans, as well as doing some custom farming.


Screenshot 2014-08-27 23.44.51The challenge

Long-time DTN/The Progressive Farmer customers, Riensche’s father Roland began using the company’s satellite service in the mid-1980s — a service he still uses today. In 1993, Riensche added his own satellite unit, upgrading to the company’s online service 10 years later.

Riensche wanted to use the most current solutions the company had to offer.


The solution

Because it doesn’t require any extra hardware, Riensche prefers his new Internet-delivered DTN Grains® Professional, which provides market-specific information, real-time field-level weather conditions, and farm business news.

He can easily access it from his PC, where he does all his other business.

The results 

“It’s a part of my everyday thought process,” he explained.

Riensche said that he will be thinking about marketing grain, and will then quickly look at his DTN Grains Professional to view the data online. “It’s very convenient to have everything all on one computer,” he added. He also enjoys the speed and reliability it provides.

Through his Internet-delivered service, Riensche has access to DTN Marketspace™. DTN Marketspace connects him with buyers and sellers of grain, helps him efficiently identify marketing opportunities, manage offers, track inventory, transact business, and monitor his positions and commitments in one convenient place.

Riensche was one of the initial producers to try DTN Marketspace. He was skeptical at first, concerned that it would be difficult to use. However, after going through the simple registration and setup process, away he went. “It’s very straight forward and easy,” he confirmed.

In the beginning, Riensche decided to put DTN Marketspace to the test. When he would make an offer on DTN Marketspace, he’d make a duplicate offer using a competitor’s tool. He soon noticed one of the benefits of DTN Marketspace — since he was already using his DTN Grains Professional to receive his market information, it conveniently provided everything he needed all in one tool. He did not need an additional service or product to sell his grain.

What is the biggest benefit for Riensche? He found that he could make an offer to multiple elevators at one time — even “after hours” when their offices were closed.

Being able to make offers on his time, at any hour, is very important to him. He has made several accepted offers this way and has been pleased with the results.

Riensche knows that some farmers are reluctant to try new technologies, but he feels that this is the way that cash grain will be traded in a few years. “I recommend others try it so they can begin receiving the benefits now,” he explained. “There are very few things that work as well as DTN Marketspace.”

Screenshot 2014-08-27 23.44.38True to his view that producers should take advantage of new technologies, Riensche is researching Web mobile devices so he can begin receiving the benefits of DTN Mobile®. With DTN Mobile, he will be able to receive text messages and e-mails when his market price thresholds are met, or when his local agribusinesses take action on his offers. It will also provide him futures updates, as well as weather alerts for his fields while he is away from his PC. “I’m really looking forward to having these features available via my mobile service,” he said.


The client’s view

“There are very few things that work as well as DTN Marketspace. It’s very
straight forward and easy to use.”

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