Top Producer

Wisdom from Top Producer of the Year Winners

Ben Riensche of Jesup, Iowa

MARCH 28, 2013
By: Top Producer Editors

Reinsche“Swing for the fences,” says Ben Riensche of Blue Diamond Farming Company. “I’m not saying you should forget about managing risk, but set your sights higher than you can imagine. You might just get there.” The 2001 Top Producer of the Year says his thinking in the early years was shaded by the events of the 1980s and early 1990s, and that he reached his goals much faster than he ever anticipated.

Riensche also encourages young producers to build a quality peer network. “Include the best farmers you know that operate outside of your area so you don’t compete,” he says. “Everyone involved will encounter about the same challenges, except at different times. You will find it valuable to be advised by your colleagues and later advise.”

Socializing with other outstanding farmers is another important component. “Make sure they visit your farm frequently,” Riensche says. “You are probably moving at a different pace and path than most. Your connections with them will help your family and team understand why you march to the beat of a different drum.”

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